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Investment & Asset Management

With investments in the German real estate market, publity’s aim is to create, secure and optimise the real estate assets of its investors. publity fulfills the individual investment goals and strategies of its investors through the stringent planning, management and monitoring of all procedures. Professional and efficient asset management resulting in increased value and marketability.

Manage to Core

Secure higher long-term returns with alternative investment strategies

Many real estate properties in need of optimisation offer attractive return opportunities. Through intelligent management, these investment objects can be transformed into classic core properties.

With this “Manage-to-Core” strategy, publity focuses on properties that have a high optimisation potential with a low investment cost. Real estate from non-performing bank financing has often been neglected by owners and banks for years. The overall situation of these properties is optimised by intelligent measures taken by publity’s asset management. With core real estate higher sales prices can be achieved.

Prior to every investment, professional due diligence processes are carried out by renowned external experts (e.g., publicly appointed and sworn real estate experts, independent supra-regional law firms), who form the basis of every investment purchase decision by publity fund management and act as money custodians.

The value creation potential results from the collaboration of

  • favourable purchases from bank liquidations
  • technical enhancement
  • increasing occupancy rates
  • optimising the rental contract situation

with the aim of transforming the investment properties into a better risk category (Manage to Core by publity).

publity Services



publity supports you with the acquisition and sale of real estate. In an almost dried-up real estate market, thanks to its broad network, publity always has an extensive pipeline. Are you looking for an investment opportunity in office real estate?

Are you looking to sell your property to the best possible conditions? Then you have come to the right place. We will complete your transaction quickly, reliably and to the best possible conditions for you.

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publity services

NPL services

Non-Performing Loans

The NPL portfolios form a counterweight to the real estate activities of publity AG, because these often behave with a negative correlation. If the real estate markets are doing well, the focus is not on non-performing loans. If the market challenges intensify, they quickly come into focus.

publity AG manages and processes NPL portfolios.