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publity plans to pay dividend on 25 June 2019 – new shares expected to be included in existing listing as of 3 July 2019

Frankfurt – The dividend payment of EUR 1.50 per share of publity AG (Scale, ISIN DE0006972508) agreed upon at this year’s Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is expected to be paid out to shareholders on 25 June 2019. In addition to the cash payment of the dividend, it was also possible to receive the dividend payment in the form of new shares.

The pro rata dividend claims were set at EUR 1.07 per share, the remaining amount of EUR 0.43 was paid out in cash in the form of the base dividend portion in order to meet any tax obligations. The subscription price per new share was EUR 19.26; the subscription ratio was set at 18:1. Approximately 78 percent of the company’s share capital accepted this offer. In this context, the existing shareholders assigned 7,682,724 proportionate dividend claims amounting to 1.07 Euro per share in a total amount of 8,220,514.68 Euro. CEO Thomas Olek, holding approx. 70 percent of the shares in publity AG via TO-Holding GmbH and TO Holding 2 GmbH, had also announced in advance that he would not be paying the dividend in cash but would instead receive new shares as dividends.

The issue of a total of 426,818 new shares increases the company’s share capital to 10,258,068.00 euros. The new shares are expected to be included in the existing listing on July 3 and are already entitled to dividends as of January 1 2019.

publity plans to pay dividend on 25 June 2019