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publity CEO has so far bought publity shares for around 4.0 million Euro in the stock market crash of 2020


Frankfurt/Main, 07. April 2020 – The CEO of publity AG (Scale, ISIN DE0006972508), Thomas Olek, emphasises his confidence in the company’s future prospects even in the stock market crash of the past few weeks with further massive share purchases. Since 19 February 2020, when the German share index reached an all-time high and subsequently lost almost 40 percent of its value in record speed, Olek has acquired more than 120,000 publity shares on the stock exchange in numerous individual transactions via its private investment company TO Holding GmbH. The value of his share purchases in the current stock market crash alone thus totals around EUR 4.0 million.

Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG: “I do not approve of directors dealing in homeopathic doses. With my recent share purchases in turbulent stock market times, I not only want to make an attractive investment, but also show my fellow shareholders that we are in the same boat and that I have more confidence in publity than ever. The only way I credibly convey this is through a purchase volume that is really relevant. Directors Dealings should not only be a marketing instrument. Fortunately, publity’s share price has remained comparatively stable in recent weeks and has developed significantly better than the market as a whole or real estate shares in general”.

Since mid-2018, Olek has invested a total of around 130 million euros in publity throughout various phases of the stock market and currently holds around 87 percent of all shares.

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About publity

publity AG (“publity”) is an asset manager and investor specialised in office real estate in Germany. The company covers the core of the value chain from the acquisition to the development and the sale of real estate. With over 1,100 transactions in the past seven years, publity is one of the most active players in the real estate market. Currently, the company manages a portfolio with a value of over five billion euros. publity is characterized by a sustainable network in the real estate industry and in the Work-Out departments of financial institutions. With very good access to investment funds, publity handles transactions rapidly with a highly efficient process and proven partners. On a case-by-case basis, publity participates as co-investor in joint venture transactions to a limited extent. The shares of publity AG (ISIN DE0006972508) are traded on the Scale segment of Deutsche Börse.

publity CEO has so far bought publity shares for around 4.0 million Euro in the stock market crash of 2020