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publity AG receives PLATOW Real Estate Award 2019

Frankfurt, 01/10/2019 – publity AG (Scale, ISIN DE0006972508) has received the PLATOW Immobilien Award in the category of commercial real estate. The award was presented to the CEO and majority shareholder of publity AG, Thomas Olek, on Friday by the long-standing publisher of the renowned PLATOW BRIEF, Albrecht F. Schirrmacher. publity receives the award as a successful asset manager specialised in German commercial real estate that compiles and manages portfolios for international institutional investors on the basis of systematic research.


“DER PLATOW BRIEF Immobilien Award” (“THE PLATOW LETTER Real Estate Award”) is awarded annually in four categories by a renowned external jury. The proposals are submitted by a panel of jurors. publity received the PLATOW Award in the commercial property category as an established investor for commercial property on the market since 1999. publity purchases commercial properties primarily in western German conurbations and operates as one of the most successful players with a “manage to core” approach. With a very methodical research and investment approach, publity was able to convince international institutional investors and to become one of the leading real estate asset managers in Germany within 5 years. publity currently has over 120 properties from twelve well-known international clients with a value of approx. 5 billion euros as assets under management. Approximately 1,200 structured transactions in the purchase and sale of real estate were performed.

Amongst the economic success of publity AG, the laudatory speech emphasised the high own investment of the majority shareholder Thomas Olek in publity shares. Additionally, Olek announced at the Annual General Meeting in May 2019 that the company had kept its promises and thus regained the trust of the market, the laudation justified the jury’s decision.  The investment approach of publity AG is strictly methodical and based on research that currently covers the office investment market in Germany to a large extent with approx. 8,500 office properties. The investment process or due diligence of publity AG is supported and carried out by renowned external service providers. The short investment process up to the purchase price payment of only 6 to 12 weeks after presentation of the Letter of Intent (LOI) is possible, as the purchase price is previously backed by equity, the laudation continued.

Thomas Olek, CEO of publity AG: “I am proud to have received the award of the very renowned Platow-BRIEF which exists for over 70 years for publity AG. Our structured and standardized investment approach with a high transaction speed has proven its worth for our international investors. We can look back on a very successful business development and anticipate a further doubling of the consolidated net income to around 50 million euros in 2019”.

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About publity

publity AG (“publity”) is an asset manager and investor specialised in office real estate in Germany. The company covers the core of the value chain from the acquisition to the development and the sale of real estate. With over 1,100 transactions in the past seven years, publity is one of the most active players in the real estate market. Currently, the company manages a portfolio with a value of over five billion euros. publity is characterized by a sustainable network in the real estate industry and in the Work-Out departments of financial institutions. With very good access to investment funds, publity handles transactions rapidly with a highly efficient process and proven partners. On a case-by-case basis, publity participates as co-investor in joint venture transactions to a limited extent. The shares of publity AG (ISIN DE0006972508) are traded on the Scale segment of Deutsche Börse.

publity AG receives PLATOW Real Estate Award 2019