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publity has been an established financial investor in the market for commercial real estate for 17 years. publity acquires high-yield commercial properties primarily in German conurbations such as Frankfurt am Main and Munich, acting as one of the most successful players with a “manage to core” approach.

In the transaction market, publity impresses with its high transaction speed and rapid purchase price allocation from 100 percent equity. Currently publity manages real estate assets of over 5.0bn euros and has already been able to profitably sell more than 530 real estate objects in Germany.

Company information

Issuer:publity AG

OpernTurm, Bockenheimer Landstraße 2 – 4
60306 Frankfurt am Main

Date of incorporation:1999
Financial year:Calendar year
Accounting standard:German Commercial Code (HGB) & IFRS
Board member:Thomas Olek (Chairman)
Frank Schneider
Members of the Supervisory Board:Hans-Jürgen Klumpp (Chairman)
Prof. Dr. Holger Till (Deputy Chairman)
Frank Vennemann

Investor Relations


Information on the trading data of the share

Please find the current share price at Börse Frankfurt

WKN697 250
Stock exchange symbolPBY
Total number of shares:14.876.456 Shares
Amount of share capital:14.876.456 EUR
Transparency level:Open Market / Scale (Frankfurt and Xetra)
Deutsche Börse Listing Partner:ACON Actienbank AG
Specialist FWB:mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers AG

Investor Relations

Financial Calendar and Report

Financial Calendar

26.05.2020Annual Shareholders’ Meeting
September 2020Semi annual report 2020
16.11.20 – 18.11.2020Part of “Deutsches Eigenkapitalforum”

Latest financial reports of publity AG

DownloadsAnnual report 2019

Semi-annual report 2019

Annual Statement HGB 2017

Annual Statement 2018

Adress:publity Finanzgruppe
Opernturm, Bockenheimer Landstraße 2-4
60306 Frankfurt am Main
Phone:+49 69 695973-500
Fax:+49 69 695973-555

Investor Relations

Financial statements

Profitability 2018

In total, sales revenues increased by 11.012m euros to 34.583m within the fiscal year. The profitability is determined by various sources of income.

For one, the company generates income from servicing non-performing loan receivables for third parties (470k euros, previous year: 1.349m). The company was able to generate 3.620m euros (previous year: 4.344m euros) from its own loan portfolios.

Furthermore, revenues are generated in the area of asset management relating to real estate. Revenues in 2018 amount to 29.846m euros (previous year: 15.465m euros), and result from the properties held jointly with international investors via the investment companies as well as from contracts with institutional investors. The acquired real estate is office real estate in Germany for which publity AG has been commissioned as asset and investment manager. The proceeds are generated from the finder fee for the purchase, from ongoing management and from a profit share in the event of a resale.

Other operating income rose from 87k euros to 619k euros. This included income from other periods in the amount of 205k euros.

Compared to the preceding year, the cost of services purchased rose by 2.490m euros to 5.804m euros, so that the cost of materials ratio is 16.8% (previous year: 14.0%). This was due to purchased asset management services.

The average number of employees fell by 9 to a total of 19. Personnel costs decreased by 304k euros to 1.670m euros.

Other operating expenses fell by 249k euros to 6.911m euros. A significant portion of the other operating expenses are the costs for the capital increase and legal costs (1.766m euros) as well as expenses for bad debt losses (1.854m euros).

Compared to the previous year, the financial result decreased by 2.492m euros to 973k euros. Income of 1.676m euros
(previous year: 3.965m euros) was received in connection with the decline in loans to associated companies.

In total, EBIT increased to 23.332m euros (previous year: 16.140m euros) including the results from profit transfer (1.004m euros, previous year: 1.160m euros).

Financial situation 2018

Our financial management aims to ensure that liabilities are always settled within the payment period and that  receivables are collected within the payment period.

The equity ratio at the end of the reporting period was 67.6% (previous year: 52.4%). This increase results from the retention of profits, the capital increase and the increase in net income for the year.

With a 28.1% share of the balance sheet total, the convertible bond 2015/2020, which was outstanding in the amount of 46.950m euros on 31 December 2018, represents the largest liability item. Of this amount, 10.571m euros is already due or payable within one year.

Off-balance sheet obligations amount to 7.339m euros (previous year: 3.908m euros) and mainly relate to rental obligations for real estate used for operating purposes.

The cash flow from the sum total of net income and depreciation amounts to 15.068m euros and is thus significantly higher than in the previous year (10.282m euros).

Asset situation 2018

The issue of the 2015/2020 convertible bond in 2015 and 2017 and the capital increase in 2018 ensure financing with matching maturities. Financial assets accounted for 42.1% (previous year: 50.6%) of total assets.

DownloadsDownload attachments: Balances of publity AG 2017

Investor Relations

General Meetings 2020

Due to the increasing spread of the corona virus (Sars-CoV-2) as well as the existing – and as yet unforeseeable possible further – official recommendations and regulations for protection against health risks associated with the virus, the Annual General Meeting of the Company, which was convened as a presence meeting by announcement in the Bundesanzeiger of 27 March 2020 for 6 May 2020 at 11:00 a.m. (CEST), is cancelled. The invitation published in the Bundesanzeiger of 27 March 2020 is therefore invalid.

The Annual General Meeting is held as a virtual general meeting without the physical presence of shareholders or their of the plenipotentiary:

We hereby invite the shareholders of our company to the Tuesday, 26 May 2020, at 11:00 a.m. (CEST) as a virtual Annual General Meeting.

Downloads general meeting 2020:

publity AG Abstimmungsergebnisse Übersicht oHV20

Veröffentlichung Bundesanzeiger Einladung zur ordentlichen Hauptversammlung


Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 7

Vorschlag des Vorstands zur Verwendung des Bilanzgewinns

Satzung 28.01.2020 publity AG

Annual statement 2019

publity Geschäftsbericht 2019 EN

Downloads extraordinary meeting 2019:

publity AG Abstimmungsergebnisse Übersicht aoHV19

20190913_publity AG – Einladung zur außerordentlichen Hauptversammlung 2019

Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 1

Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 3

Satzung 27.06.2019 publity AG

Entwurf Vertrag über die Einbringung von Darlehensforderungen der publity AG gegen die publity Investor GmbH in PREOS Real Estate AG

Vertrag über die Einbringung von Geschäftsanteilen an der publity Investor GmbH in PREOS Real Estate AG

Downloads general meeting 2019:

Announcement Federal Gazette

Annual statement 2018

Annual Report HGB 2018

Annual Statement publity AG 2018

Vorschlag des Vorstands für die Verwendung des Bilanzgewinns

Gewinnabführungsvertrag mit publity Investor GmbH

Annual Statement HGB 2017

Annual Statement HGB 2016

Annual Statement publity Investor GmbH 2018

Annual Statement publity Investor GmbH 2017

Annual Statement publity Investor GmbH 2016

Gemeinsamer Bericht des Vorstands der Gesellschaft und der Geschäftsführung der publity Investor GmbH

Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 8

Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 9

Bericht des Vorstands zu Tagesordnungspunkt 11

Satzung 05.11.2018 publity AG

Veröffentlichung Bundesanzeiger Einladung zur Hauptversammlung

Prospektbefreiendes Dokument gemäß § 4 Abs. 1 Nr. 4 WpPG

Investor Relations

Convertible bond

publity AG
Frankfurt am Main, Federal Republic of Germany

Convertible bond of publity AG 2015/2020
ISIN: DE000A169GM5 / WKN: A169GM


Bekanntmachung Anpassung Wandlungspreis


The notarised minutes of the voting without a meeting from 12 March 2019 to 14 March 2019, including enclosures, shall be made available to bondholders who took part in the voting by photocopying them upon request within one year of the end of the voting period.

A copy of the list of participants in the voting without a meeting shall be made available to all bondholders upon request within one month of the announcement of the resolutions of the voting without a meeting; the request shall be accompanied by suitable evidence of the creditor’s status in text form (§ 126b BGB, German Civil Code) in the form of proof of the custodian bank of the ownership of the enquirer of one or more bonds of the publity bond.

Please address your enquiries by post, fax or email or in any other text form to:

publity AG
Herr Stephan Kunath
“Publity bond: Vote without meeting”
Landsteinerstraße 6, 04103 Leipzig, Germany
Fax: +49 (0) 341 261787 31

DownloadsPublity AG Result Announcement Vote without Meeting

Previous Bond Terms of the publity-Bond

Future Bond Terms of the publity-Bond

Comparative Version of the Bond Terms of the publity-Bond

publity AG Request for Vote

publity AG Form for Vote Submission

Form Power of Attorney to third parties

Form Special Confirmation and Blocking Notice

Publity Q&A Gläubiger

Investor Relations


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