capital management company

publity Performance GmbH

The fund management of the current publity Performance Fund has been assumed by publity Performance GmbH. As a capital management company in accordance with the new law of the German Capital Investment Code (KAGB), it must have permission granted by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). The personal and professional suitability of both Managing Directors, Frederik Mehlitz and Johannes Kraus, and the composition of the three-person Supervisory Board formed the subject matter of a thorough audit by BaFin. publity Performance GmbH satisfies the new legal requirements, which include the development of portfolio and risk management, the appointment of a custodian, increased requirements for the starting capital, the regular valuation of the fund company’s assets and the net inventory value, as well as the outsourcing of activities, such as compliance and money laundering, by the capital management company. These also include risk and liquidity management, the preparation and auditing of the annual financial statements and relevant information and transparency duties. In addition to both Managing Directors, a further seven qualified employees of publity Performance GmbH ensure that the increase in security and transparency required by the legislator is fully and sustainably implemented at the current publity Performance Funds.